the significance of tree in pinter's godot?

salimj | Student

In Samuel Becket's Waiting for Godot tree is an important symbol. Many critics are of the opinion that tree represents Cross in which Jesus Christ is crucified. If we take tree as cross then there is a hidden meaning which Becket is trying to bring. Christ died on the cross in order to redeem the people but for Valdimir and Estragon it is a tree which misleads them. By waiting there under the tree they don't get any salvation but only confusion.

This tree also symbolises the cross in which two thieves who have died with Jesus. One thief get salvation at the last minute. Are they waiting for the last minute repentance? The question is unanswered. We also see in the second day of their waiting there are four or five leaves. This indeed a symbol of hope but at the end of the play this has become 'hoping against hope'. In some of the gospels the cross is been called as tree. If we take that into account tree represents cross.

If we take this argument very seriously Godot is God. Then the belief we have in God is absurd. Just like the the drama is absurd tree also is absurd

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