What is the significance of Osborne's use of symbols in Look Back in Anger?

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The various symbols are used throughout the play to highlight what Jimmy Porter sees as his stultifying existence in 1950s Britain. One such symbol is the broadsheet newspaper, which symbolizes Jimmy's education. Although Jimmy is an educated man, he makes his living operating a humble sweets stall in the market-place. His low social status is a constant source of bitterness. He deeply resents the fact that someone with his level of education isn't doing much better in life.

Reading broadsheet newspapers is a way for him to remind himself—and those around him—that, despite his lowly position in life, he's so much smarter than everyone else. As well as giving him the opportunity to show off his intelligence, reading such high-brow newspapers also allows him to provide an acerbic take on life in contemporary Britain.

Osborne’s play, Look Back in Anger , is about just that: anger. Whether you are talking about Jimmy, Alison, Cliff, or Helena, the reader can’t escape that theme. This...

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