Please explain the significance of Jim's advice to Laura (eg. "Everybody excels in some one thing.")

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 in Sc. 6. Jim has managed to relieve Laura of most of her shyness; it is then that Jim tries to cure her of her 'inferiority complex' in Sc.7.

"In high school Jim was a hero....He seemed to move in a continual spotlight,"  but now he is working alongside Tom in the warehouse (Scene 6). Nevertheless, this does not prevent him from dreaming big and taking action to realize his dreams. His positive attitude to life makes him attend self-improvement classes and radio engineering courses in the evening after work.

He communicates this same positive attitude and enthusiam to Laura when he says:"I believe in the future of television!"  This results in a complete change in Laura's attitude: "His attitude is convincingly dynamic. Laura stares at him even her shyness eclipsed in her absolute wonder" (Scene 7).

Jim's remark, "Everybody excels in some one thing. Some in many!" comes at the end of his long speech in which he psychoanalyses Laura's condition as an 'inferiority complex.' She has been excessively self conscious of her limp which has resulted in dropping out from school. Jim tells her: "You know what my strong advice to you is? Think of yourself as superior in some way!"  Laura is still not convinced and it is then that Jim emphatically states that "everybody excels in some one thing."

Not only does Jim give Laura good advice but  he also practices what he preaches and acts as a role model.

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