A signal travels through a transmission medium and its power is reduces to one fourth. Calculate the attenuation.

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Let us consider a signal with an initial intensity of I, that travels through a medium and the final intensity is F. I have considered an electromagnetic signal moving through an appropriate medium.

The attenuation is expressed in terms of decibels and given by the formula:

Attenuation = 10* log (I / F)

In the question the signal travelling through the transmission medium loses 3/4 of its power.

If the initial power was I, the final power is I/4.

Substituting this in the formula for attenuation we get:

Attenuation = 10 * log (I / (I/4))

=> 10* log (4I/I)

=> 10* log 4

=> 10*0.6020

=> 6.02

Therefore the attenuation is 6.02 dB.

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