In The Sign of the Beaver, what kind of trees do Matt and his father use to build their cabin?

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In Chapter One, Matt remembers how he helped his father cut down spruce trees to build their log cabin. He is especially proud when he recalls his efforts to haul, square, and notch the trees for assembling. Fondly, he reminisces about how he helped to raise every log of their cabin and how he carefully fitted the notches on each end.

The roof of the log cabin is made of cedar splints and pine boughs which Matt himself helped to fasten down. He notices with great satisfaction that the new corn and pumpkin seedlings are beginning to sprout. Surveying the property, he concludes that his mother will have no cause to be ashamed of their simple home when she arrives. As the chapter begins, Matt's father has gone to Massachusetts to fetch his mother, sister, and the new baby; left behind, Matt has been charged with guarding the cabin and their new garden patch.

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