Siddhartha learns much from both Kamaswami and Kamala. How does he view his interactions with both individuals? What value--if any--does he place on these lessons?

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Siddhartha learns from the merchant Kamaswami that all men take and give, but that a merchant is no different.  He takes and in return gives a product or service.  He invites Siddhartha to live with him and treats him as an equal.  Siddhartha had learned from Kamala not to allow himself to be treated any less than as an equal and never acted subservient before the merchant.  The merchant taught him all aspects of his business and Siddhartha learned them as if it were a game.

Kamala was the first to teach Siddhartha of the value and beauty of love.  He learned from her that he could not expect to receive pleasure unless he gave pleasure no matter if it was a touch or a caress.  He learned the value and the meaning of the life in which he was living and the moments he had spent with her were precious.  He also learned that he should stay with a woman after making love an not leave her alone.


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