Show that `lim_(x->0) xsin(1/x) = 0` I know what the graph looks like, but I have trouble proving it algebraically. Please help!

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Make substitution `t=1/x` so if `x->0,` then `t->oo` .

`lim_(x->0)x sin(1/x)=lim_(t->oo)1/tsin(t)`

Sine is bounded function (`sin(t) in [-1,1]`) and `lim_(t->oo)1/t=0`  

therefore `lim_(t->oo)1/tsin(t)=0.` Hence 

`lim_(x->0)x sin(1/x)=0`  <-- Your solution  

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`|sin(x)|<=1`  for all  `x in RR`


`|x|<=|x|`    by property of real numbers.


`|x||sin(1/x)|<=|x| AA x in RR`




But positive number can not be less than zero.

Thus ,By definition of limit


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