Show that Claudius is courageous resourceful, and unscrupulous in his behaviour during act 4. act 4

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In short, in Act 4 of Shakespeare's Hamlet, Claudius is courageous when Laertes breaks through the king's guards and comes after him.  Laertes suspects Claudius had a part in the death of Polonius, and he wants revenge.  Claudius does not run or hide, but meets Laertes face to face.

Claudius is resourceful in Act 4 when he maneuvers to send Hamlet to England to be executed, and then, when that fails, hatches the plan for a duel between Laertes and Hamlet for which Laertes will poison the tip of his sword and Claudius will poison a drink.

Finally, Claudius is also unscrupolous when he sends Hamlet to England, and when he devises the duel.  He definitely has no scruples about doing whatever it takes to maintain power.

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