Show how there is a preoccupation with death in Shakespeare's play Hamlet. (i.e. spiritual death, physical death, death of power)

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Death is everywhere in this Shakespearian play.  The deaths of Hamlet, Polonius, Gertrude, Ophelia, Claudius and Laertes --those known as the main characters--all follow the original death that put this play into action--Hamlet's father's death.

Not all of the deaths are meant to happen.  There are deaths that are planned in advance.  However, Hamlet accidentally kills Polonius--thinking he was Claudius, and Gertrude is accidentally poisoned by Claudius--who meant to kill Hamlet with poisoned wine.

To say this play has a preoccupation with death is an understatement! As for the death of power--that would be a direct result from the greed that the men possess when trying to kill to become king.

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