Show how relevant are the themes , technique, and imagery of keats poem to the romantic movement?in to autumn ,,,please tell me everything U know,, please I need this

kumudini1962 | Student

Romantic movement is a literary movement that started in the 18th century England fueled by the industrial revolution and the French revolution. As a result of industrialization, the natural environment of the time was seriously disturbed and a mechanical, monotonous life style replaced the self sufficient agrarian livelihood of the people. people started moving towards cities in search of employment. The  poets at the time were greatly moved by the outcome of industrialism and diverted their attention to enlighten the public on the consequences of destroying the natural phenomena. In order to do so they included interesting and attractive descriptions of nature and made the readers feel for the loss. Thus  their poetry was extremely figurative with nature and its value as major themes. Romantic movement lays a considerable emphasis on the common man and his life. Keats the youngest of the Romantic writers, has referred to impermanent  and  transience nature  of all living things and how it affect human happiness. The last stanza of the poem shows his desperate effort to find something permanent in this changing world. Therefore Keats theme in to Autumn , techniques,and imagery are relevant to the Romantic movement as they reflect the conditions and requirements of the era