Julius Caesar Questions and Answers
by William Shakespeare

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Explain  Mark Antony's funeral oration in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.

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Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare is a  drama  based on real events that occurred in 44 B.C. The characters in the  play were actual Romans who lived during the time of the assassination of Julius Caesar. Considered to be a political play, it  reaches a climax after the murder of Caesar by a  group of Roman senators who pursued his death for various reasons.

Brutus,  who was a trusted friend of Caesar,  chose to take part in the conspiracy because he feared that Caesar would become a dictator and rule Rome with an iron fist. After the assassination, Brutus makes several mistakes. Thinking that Marc Antony can be persuaded to understand the good intentions of the assassins, Brutus speaks to the people of Roman explaining the reasoning behind the assassination. He explains that the conspirators are allowing Antony to speak after him.

Shakespeare employs dramatic irony so that the audience already knows that Antony has promised Caesar's spirit that he will seek revenge for him....

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