Show clearly from "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" that Mrs. Mitty is an overbearing wife.

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Mrs. Mitty throughout this short story shows that she is a nagging, dominant and overbearing wife. Our first introduction to her is when she brings Walter back to reality after his first daydream by saying "Not so fast! You're driving too fast!... What are you driving so fast for?" The repetition helps to underline the irritation of her voice and helps us to understand by Walter retreats so often in to his daydreams. This repetition in her speech is a characteristic that is repeated throughout the story: "You were up to fifty-five... You know I don't like to go more than forty. You were up to fifty-five." She therefore wants to be in control of his life and has very definite ideas of how she wants things to be done. She wishes that she could get Walter to see there doctor. She browbeats him into buying overshoes, even though Walter clearly says he doesn't want overshoes, and later he reflects that he "was always getting something wrong" when his wife sent him out shopping.

It is ironic that although in one sense Mrs. Mitty is the anchor that keeps Walter from getting too involved in his daydreams and tries to make him face up to his adult responsibility, she also provides such an unpleasant marriage that we can understand why Walter feels he needs to slip into his daydreams to escape her domination.

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