Should or will the trend continue of extending the term of copyrights? Why?

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The answer to this depends largely on which group gets its way in the United States.  There are many, particularly in the tech industry, who would like to see copyright protections weakened.  By contrast, people in the entertainment business would like to see copyright protections strengthened.

The entertainment industry is generally very much in favor of strict copyright protections.  This industry makes its money by creating content and selling it.  There is very little incentive for this industry to support copyright reform.

By contrast, the tech industry would typically like to see less in the way of copyright enforcement.  The main reason for this is that they feel that copyrights stifle creativity and innovation.   They feel that there is a benefit to society in reduced copyright protection.  They feel that it would allow them to build of other people’s work, thus pushing the envelope of what is possible more quickly. 

With the tech industry becoming more important for the US as a whole, it seems likely that their point of view will prevail.  They will be more likely to get Congress on their side as they become more and more of a dominant industry in our economy.

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