Should we allow restricted freedom in order to protect "Freedom" overall ?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While many people view the United States as a country with lots of freedoms, there are some restrictions placed on our freedoms. These restrictions are necessary for us to truly have freedom.

If people could do whatever they wanted to do, we would have chaos in our country. We limit our right to freedom of speech so people can’t say false things about somebody that might ruin a person’s reputation. During a war, the government has limited our freedom by restricting protest activities, or in the case of World War II, by restricting what products we could buy and how much we could buy. We have laws that limit our actions so we can be kept safer. There are speed limits to make our roads safer. There are restrictions and regulations businesses must follow to protect our workers, our consumers, and our environment. We have limits as to what we can take onto airplanes, and we must be screened and searched before we are granted access to the concourses of our airports. These restrictions limit our freedom, but there is a purpose to each of these restrictions that try to make things better for us.

In order to really be free, there need to be some restrictions or limits to the freedoms we have.