Must human beings have religious faith?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is moving towards a realm where it seems very apparent that individuals must be able to make a choice.  I am not sure where the answer lies here.  On one hand, I think that human beings should have their own choice regarding religion.  It is such a personal issue that for anyone to make an assertion as to what another human being should do is fairly presumptuous.  I am not comfortable doing that.  The potential relationship that an individual might cultivate between they and their god, as well as the entire premise of how an individual interacts with divinity is something that is driven by choice.  I think that much in way of good can come out of religious beliefs.  However, I think that good can also come out of individuals who do not necessarily subscribe to religious worship.  Good and justice in the world do not solely reside with people who have religious faith.  Some of the worst things done in all of human history have been done out of religious fervor.  Just the same, some of the greatest moments in humanity have not been done under the divine name as much as one human being looking out and caring for another.  I think that human beings can make their own decision towards the relationship they wish to possess with the divine and the idea of "must" is something from which to stray in the beliefs of making someone do something that might not be in their nature.

agvickers | Student

everyone does have faith, yes...either you believe in a god, or gods, or a supreme being, or you believe there is no such thing,,,nonetheless,, all are "faiths"

omeiza | Student

Faith is like the earth. Once you are born into it, you continue to strive to live in it. But sure, one can decide not to continue living on earth. That is, if one comes of age. This is no longer dependent on parents. Now, one can fully understand that, once one is on earth, faith must come to play. This we call religious faith. If one likes it or not; some kind of faith fate falls on one. So in other not to allow this, each one goes out at one stage to take a faith or continue a faith. To conclude, I will say, it's a natural law that one either go take a faith or the faith fate takes one. Thank you.