Should the US provide "universal healthcare" for all citizens? If so, how much additional tax are you personally willing to pay in order to pay for this program?

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As is so often the case, the devil here is in the details.  In other words, I would be willing to pay a good deal more in taxes for a universal health care system that actually provided good health care to everyone and which made moves to rein in the rising cost of health care.  However, I would not be willing to pay much extra at all for a program that would not reduce costs and/or would not really provide care to everyone.

I do think that it would be a good thing if everyone in the US had health care.  I am willing to have the government pay for it.  I would be willing to pay as much as (I think) 20% more in taxes than I do now to fund this.  However, it would have to be a program that was well-crafted.  I think that ideally it would be a program that set up a free market system in which health insurance companies could compete to attract customers.  In other words, I do not think that it would be good to create a fee-for-service program like Medicare, only on a larger scale.

So, I would be willing to pay a lot more tax, but only if the program were set up in a way that would be beneficial to the country.