Should theatre entertain or educate? What types of theatre are purely for entertainment/education?

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Theater must surely entertain. In conjunction, since Aristotle first wrote about the aesthetics of drama in Poetics, theater has been meant to educate on moral and other principles. Ibsen took the education apparent in drama from the level of the universal individual to that social issues. Modern drama takes it full circle back to the individual's personal angst, as in Look Back in Anger. Theater must educate; the lessons of modern theater are getting harder and harder to bear concomitant with the co-function of entertainment.

All theater is for entertainment, but I think most theater educates.  Even entertainment is education.  I would say no theater is just for the purposes of education.  Why use the theater form?  You use the theater when you want to both entertain and educate.

There is often more truth in a moment of theatre than in a moment of life. ...

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