Should I study business and major in it? Will it be a good choice for my future career?

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Realistically, you are the only person who can answer this question. The first step in answering it is to think about your own talents and interests.

For example, if you are a skilled writer, and enjoy reading and writing, you might be suited for a career in technical writing, public relations, or journalism, and should major in one of those.

If your main skills and interests are numerical, you might enjoy a career in accounting or statistics, whereas if you love the outdoors you could choose geology or environmental science. If you like animals, agricultural or veterinary careers might be good choices. If your favorite activity is playing video games, you could consider a career as a game designer or working in marketing or product testing at a gaming company.

If you like working with your hands, you might consider training as a plumber or electrician or automotive mechanic. There are many well-paid jobs such as medical technologist, mechanical drafter, industrial technician, or air traffic controller that do not require a four-year degree. 

A generic business degree, without a specialization in some specific area such as finance or marketing, is not something really useful over the long run as it is often viewed as a generic major for students with no particular interests.

It is far better to major in something that interests you and leads towards a specific career for which you have some interest and aptitude than to just major in business as a sort of default.

price7781 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think before you decide on a business career, I would recommend that you do a little research depending on what field you want to pursue.  It it's retail, are you willing to work on nights and weekends?  If you want to own your own business, do you have the capital to start it, and are you willing to devote the time and effort it takes to successfully build your business?  Do you even like working in an office setting?  What are your goals for the future?  Do you know what it takes to become a manager or CEO of a major company?

All of these questions and more are ideas you need to discover for yourself and where you see yourself being most successful.  The business world is not often easy, but if you like to work with people, market and sell a product, crunch numbers, or be instrumental in the financial success of a business, you are on the right track.  Just go in with a plan, know the expectations, and understand your responsibilities.

drewgirl56 | Student

The important factors to consider are these:

What is important to you?

Do you have a passion for business?

Imagine yourself in a business career. How do you feel about it?

The answer to these questions should point you in the right direction.  You may not love your career all the time, but you don't want to be stuck in a career you can't stand.

If you do decide to major in business, find a specific branch, such as marketing or economics, and focus on that.  Business or business administration are very generalized programs.  They're billed as good fallback programs, as there will always be businesses and businesses will always need workers.  However the issue with those degrees is that they offer only limited exposure to various branches of business without giving you enough knowledge or experience to be valuable in any field.

My last piece of advice--try as much out in high school as you can, while it's free.  Take tons of electives, try to dual enroll if your high school allows it, take classes you might not have initially considered.  You may discover that something you wouldn't have thought you liked is the path for you.

Good luck with your decision!

chadphares | Student

There are very few careers in which having some sort of business acumen is not helpful. Some will tell you to simply study what you love in college. Others will say that you better study something that allows you to make money.

Ultimately, your career is what you make of it after you have received your degree—but it is important that you choose to study something that makes sense for your personal and financial fulfillment.

According to Rasmussen College, a recent analysis of jobs for business majors revealed that more than half of those hiring for these jobs are looking for potential employees who have more than four years of business experience. Majoring in business can open up potentially valuable internship opportunities that will help you get your foot in the door at these organizations.

The analysis also concludes that those who have interest in careers in business-related fields are more likely to be hired in desirable positions if they finish their business degrees. More than 70 percent of business-related jobs require candidates to have at least a bachelor's degree.

Having said that, a college business degree doesn't guarantee recipients to receive adequate knowledge to thrive in business situations. The book "Academically Adrift" concludes that many students learn very little of anything during their first two years of school. Among those who learn the least are those students who choose to major in business.

Majoring in business also does not guarantee you a high-paying salary. A study revealed that those who majored in business were paid less than those who majored in 55 other disciplines.

Perhaps a business major is a good idea, but all aspects should be considered carefully before a final decision is made.

vnessawong21 | Student

Hello, khaoulabenyaghlane!

It's good to see that you are deciding for your future now. It's always great to think ahead. I know plenty of friends that have taken business courses and loved it, but it all depends on how committed you are towards business. What kind of business majors are you interested in? Are you wanting to become an certified personal accountant, a manager at a local retail store, etc.

If you really have a heart for business, go for it. I believe in you, khaoulabenyaghlane!