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Should students have to wear uniforms to school? i say no they should not wear uniforms. They should be able to wear whatever they want and express themselves.

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Robin Cotter eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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I have always taught in uniform schools (and wore one myself many years ago). I love uniforms. They're a simple and obvious way to help emphasize themes of inclusion, acceptance, and equality.

Though some people have mentioned that they can be more expensive, ultimately a few pieces of clothing make up the uniform, while many more would be purchased to fill a regular wardrobe. Having a uniform does (or at least should) limit the amount of clothes that a student needs to have in their "everyday" wardrobe.

The one thing that bothers me about uniforms is that they are a frequent source of discipline and struggle in class. Students often try to wear different shoes or a non-uniform sweater and this can lead to teacher/student confrontation. When worn properly though, I think uniforms are great.

If only I still had a uniform. It would definitely save me a lot of time every morning.

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pacorz eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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In public schools, uniform policies are a useful tool to simplify the management of behavior. If you have a lot of students dressing in ways that are sexualized, distracting, offensive, or that in some other way take away from the educational process, you have two choices: either spend a lot of time and manpower dealing with individuals on a case-by-case basis and making dozens of judgement calls, or else just institute a uniform policy that is quite clear, and then punish those who don't conform. Uniforms save a lot of work for the administration, and that makes them a tool that responsible leadership teams should consider.

I personally don't like school uniforms (I wore one for three grades), but I also don't like having to constantly tell boys to pull up their pants, girls to pull their necklines up and their skirts down, and having to read every tee shirt that I see all day to check it for references to drugs, alcohol, or offensive content. I'm a teacher, and I would like to teach. That's all. Students who insist on wearing offensive attire in the name of "self-expression" take away from my work, and consequently from the education of every other student in the room.

Maybe someday tweens and teens will figure this out and just put on clothing that isn't intended to start something. Until then, the uniform debate will be alive and well.


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pohnpei397 eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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I don't think that uniforms are a bad idea.  I think that they help to make students concentrate on their work rather than on how they look or on who has what sorts of clothes.  I agree that it can stifle kids' ability to express themselves, but they have plenty of time for that outside of school.

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megan-bright eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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The district I worked in has mandated school uniforms in all schools for over a decade now. I do know that without uniforms it could be more evident who is struggling and lviving in poverty; however, some kids are so not well taken of that unfortunately, even with a uniform policy in place you can immediately tell that they are being uncared for, and they still get made fun of.

I do think uniforms have helped to deter inappropriate/overly sexual attire.

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ophelious eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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Maybe they should, maybe they shouldn't. This is one of those issues that it's best to let individual districts decide based on the desires of the residents.  There are enough pros and cons that each side can balance the other.  Having a blanket policy where ALL students everywhere should wear them wouldn't make sense.  Each community should be allowed to decide.

Personally, I like the idea.  If for no other reason, I like the idea that I can quickly tell which kids belong in the school and which are strangers that may present a danger.  In a big school where you don't know every face, it's too easy for "outsiders" to wander in...and if you don't already know, when a bunch of kids wander into a school they don't go to it's rarely to attend glee club.

My argument against them, in general, is that if uniforms are such a good idea than why not have adults wear them too?  Why not have every profession have a specific uniform, or just create one generic "American" outfit?  The logic behind making students wear them can easily apply to adults as well.

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Lisa Metcalf eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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Another reason to favor uniforms is that it helps to eliminate the stress on labels, brands and quantity of clothes -- especially in schools where there is a wide diversity of socio-economics.  The teen years are so fraught with "what will everyone think if me?"  Each morning, some students fear what classmates will think if they notice the shoes came from a discount retailer and that the same jeans have been worn three times this week.  Uniforms would help eliminate the competition (to least some degree) -- and perhaps the focus can be on something more academic.

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clairewait eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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I'm honestly a little tired of the argument that students should be able to "express themselves" through their clothes.  This is such a cop out to me.  Students have ample opportunity to appropriately "express themselves" in the form of discussion, art, essay, music, sports, etc.  Clothes, in my opinion, are the laziest form of "self-expression" that exists in high school, and this category of self expression falls just beneath "music preference."

I'm wholeheartedly in favor of a strict dress code, and in a society where everything has become so subjective and people have lost the ability to be confrontational, a rigid standard mode of dress is one of the easiest ways to regulate appropriate attire.  As for the question: "Does a dress code actually improve student behavior?" my answer, from many years of experience, is YES, when a dress code is properly enforced, it absolutely improves student behavior.

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mwestwood, M.A. eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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One problem nowadays is that people do not dress appropriately.  Like so many other regulations effected, uniform wearing has been instituted in public schools because students come to school in revealing clothing, or they wear clothing that slides down their posteriors, revealing undergarments.  When students do not take responsibility for appropriate, modest clothing, that is not distracting to others, then other measures are taken by the school.  As in society, if people do not police themselves, then they are policed. 

Those people who have grown up wearing uniforms often remark how they never knew who was rich or not.  They also note that they remember the faces of their classmates, but little about how they looked otherwise.  Is this bad?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator | Certified Educator

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I agree with you that uniforms are not necessarily the best option for all schools. However, I don't think students should be able to wear whatever they want. I am in favor of dress codes. A high school admissions officer I listened to the other day put it best- people don't wear whatever they want for work. The act of getting ready for work or school mentally prepares you for the day.

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keigherysimons | Student

no they shouldn't the should be aloud to wear whatever they want so they feel comfdable in their own clothes and express themselves and who they really are cause if they wear all the same things it would make it feel dead awkward for everyone

ummugulsum | Student


thewanderlust878 | Student

This is a very long debated topic by people all over the world. I myself have had to write numerous papers on this very topic, and I must say I am quite sick of it. It seems to me like a topic that will never be truly resolved, and people should just leave it alone. 

To answer your question, I personally do not believe students should have to wear uniforms. I believe it suppresses creativity, and in the case of females, is slightly sexist since usually there are more restrictions. 

Hope this helps!

ik9744 | Student

This all comes down to your personal opinion. The pros of wearing uniform is everyone is alike, making everyone feel the same. Making everyone feel the same makes them have a feeling of equality making them less likely to get bullied by each other. Another pro is it would let them give up the freedom of wearing things that are inappropriate that should be punished. The cons of wearing a uniform to the school would be that the student would get less freedom of what they wear. I think of the way people dress as their personality, which lets me get along with the people that I prefer to be with. So taking about the freedom the dress might not always help new students to school due to the fact you won't know the person's personality due to everyone wearing the same clothes. Another con is the clothes itself might not be the liking of everyone. If the uniform seems good to the principle, district, etc. It might not be towards the student. I've seem some hideous uniform in the past years, and the ones that are not suit for everyone. The last con I'd have to say, but doesn't apply to everyone is that if you only have one set of uniform and it gets stained then it'll be a probably. Meaning that people would need to buy more than one set of uniform which is quite expensive sometimes. I listed a lot of cons, so my opinion is to not let student wear uniforms for school.

Short Answer: 

I'd rather have student have the freedom of choosing their own clothes then forcing them to wear what might not be suited for everyone.


Let people have a feeling of equality.

People lose the right to wear inappropriate things.


Less freedom

Might not be appealing to the students.

Not everyone can afford uniforms.

Losses the personality of the way you dress.

crystaltu001 | Student

I think they should and should not wear uniforms. They should because sometimes people have too much freedom with what they wear and end up dressing inappropriately . They shouldn't because some people actually follow the rules when there is a free dress day.  

leh2121999 | Student

I do and do not agree with you. One thing is that young adults or children will dress how they want to dress. They will wear too short of skirts, dresses and tank tops. They will go over board. As a result, there will be a lot of expulsions. 

Some kids do dress appropriate. They should be rewarded by not having to wera uniforms.

It does not really matter what they wear, as long as they get an education and be something. Such as, doctor, athelete, actree ect,.

xobrookxo | Student

I think students should have to wear uniforms. I feel that if everyone wore uniforms the bullying would be cut down a slight bit. BUT I think High School students should have a choice on what they want to wear. All the teachers say Middle School and High School are preparing you for the "real world". In the real world, some jobs allow you to wear whatever attire you want. With that said, High School students should be allowed to wear whatever they please as long as it's not showing to much skin.

shellsbells8 | Student

I don't think wearing uniforms is a bad idea as it does prepare you for your day. If you were working in an office say, you would have to be dressed smart for the company and wearing a uniform does set you up in time for work when you would have to be dressed in a certain way.


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khuffman | Student

Research has shown that students wearing uniforms perform better in the classroom. 

a0000 | Student

one must have to wear uniform as a student in a school. nowadays, disciplines are given least importance in most of the countries. lack of discipline in student-life may result in a reckless future thus destroying the last bit of dignity of a nation. students are the future architechct of the upcomig global society.

hist | Student



katiedrax | Student

Yes because it avoids the creation of another opportuinity for students to be bullied, in this case on their sense of style

rosychx | Student

for me students must were a school uniform. First, we can easily recognize that they are students, discounts in tranportation and student meal. Second, they were a attire that is appropriate or modesty for them. Third, there limit all the bad things they do if they are wearing uniform because there are afraid to dissapoint there school. Fourth,student always respect with others because they are wearing uniform. Fifth, not all students has a lot of dress to wear everyday, sometimes if the dress u wear last day and u wear it again because you dont have any dress sometimes they stare at you and say something.

for me, atleast one day in a week there is a civialian day, wear they want to wear.

thats all. :) ^^yam

elsalsa1009 | Student

I totally agreed students should have to wear uniforms to school as 3 main reasons below:-

1). Control discipline as they are still in young age.

2). More neatly.

3). Students save time and money to choose the costume to wear



martykings | Student

Uniforms are increadibly important as the do give a sense of behavioural mangment and to not do this could ensure silly things to be worn like offensive t shirts and many other things like that


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opiaxxium | Student

Its quite difficult to answer should the wear uniforms but in my opinion wearing uniform makes them look equal.



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charkvibl | Student
Should students have to wear uniforms to school?

i say no they should not wear uniforms. They should be able to wear whatever they want and express themselves.

Students don't need to express themselves through clothing. I think that uniforms would be ideal, especially in this economy.  Uniforms would help prevent the materialistic competition of "I have to have the most popular, latest item to be cool or accepted".  Uniforms would help prevent fights over clothing - stealing an item, etc.  Wearing uniforms would also help alleviate negative feelings in students who couldn't afford a diverse wardrobe.
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bestfriendquotes | Student

they should wear uniform.beacuse if you wear uniform its look's nice and decent...

johnashmit | Student

Students should wear uniform because it develop a sense of equality inside them , it also help them to focus more on study rather than on fashion.





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kinghtalexis | Student

While i would say no, i would also say yes, a school is a place where students come to study and are treated as equals. They must be treated as equals or else the foremost objective of an institue would'nt exist. Let say kids are allowed to wear everything, then in such a place, some kids would wear branded clothes, some would wear cheap. This would of course lead to formation of different groups on the basis of class and money. A place like that wont be of any benefit to kids during their reformative age. So while i agree that kids must be allowed to wear anything, but it must be well regulated regarding what they are really wearinng. There is also the possibility of some kids wearing vulgur or obscene clothes.

amitsingh11582 | Student

According to my opinion the uniform from any institution work as an identity. As we see, different nations has their own traditional dress/attire which simply indicates the nationality of the person if he/she wears traditionaly. More than this uniform save the student to be porudy among fellows, as if, a student is rich than he may wear costly dress but what about ordinary or poors.

So from me, the suggestion is, the uniform shoud be there in any school or college to maintian equality and avoid discrimination.(not by school or college but individually)

Dr. Amit Singh


k0ol | Student

i diSagree wth every 1. bc0z i thnk student's uniform represent their identity! s0oo itx neccessary to wear uniform! ;)

lpoollax5 | Student

I feel that students should be able to express their-selves and wear what they want.  But then again some students tend to choose inappropriate clothing. Also, some kids can't afford "cool" clothes so they get picked on.  So in the end I feel that making students wear uniforms would resolve a lot of problems and it would be a lot more efficient.

vampers | Student

No matter what you wear teenagers will always find a way to judge and exclude their peers. Not all students care about brand names or style types. what about those students that follow the dress code? should they not be allowed to chose what they wear not only as a form of self-expression but as to what they are comfortable wearing? if a girl should want to wear appropriate sweat pants instead of a skirt should she not be able to? What about those students that don't feel comfortable in their own skin whether it be because of weight, height or gender. should they not be allowed to dress in what makes them feel beautiful within certain boundaries?

poyanstudy | Student

I think students should wear uniform to back school because it shows that students are the one of the school. It can help students to increase the feelings that they are belong to school.

apartmentscolumbia | Student

thanks for the post..I have many learn a lot about this..god bless and more power.



nripancard | Student

School uniforms are not required.




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nripancard | Student

Uniforms are not required.




kychong7 | Student

I think students have to wear uniforms to school to maintain discipline. Therefore there is also a need for some sort of a dress code. That is my humble opinion.


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punten | Student
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cisco7962 | Student

I used to wear uniform in my primary school, it gives no additional value rather than spending more money to buy those uniforms. I prefer school give freedom for the students to wear whatever clothes they like, as long as they are proper clothes.



grey47 | Student

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sahet1989 | Student

I believe that student's shouldn't have to wear uniforms, however there does need to be a dress code.


nishasj | Student

Yes this maintains Descipline in student's life and they learn the fact of equality among human beings and This makes them to realise their strength in unity.

mikevedaya | Student

well im against uniforms because u want even be able to show wat u have an u need to feel comfortable with your style.



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bhawanipur | Student

Though little kids like wearing dresses of their own choice, yet their sould be uniform not to have them inferior or superior opinion about others. I think its a good practice. On the other hand the students of an institution feel united and thus they learn to give respect and love to others as well.

stuart31em | Student

Yes! It creates order and allows everyone to be the same.




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manukis | Student

Students should wear uniforms because this mentality prepares them for going to work soon when they graduate from school and find their own jobs.



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bbm4646 | Student

This is horrible even to consider. Look at what we have come to. Children all dressing exactly alike is not American! This is not jail, nor should it be a warmup to jail. You people are horrifying. Look in the mirror and ask yourself how to be a better teacher, not asking if you should let kids use the bathroom or consider mandating uniforms!

eloughlin1 | Student

Uniform arent that bad, I wear a uniform and personally it is easy to pick out what you wear in the morning and it prevents people from being judgemental towards students who do not have money to afford nice clothes.

designmansion | Student

Sorry i forgot also to tell you people that i don't really approve school uniform and some says that they are good...

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designmansion | Student

so if you were in my schoole then no, so it think that you should wear if you must...


designmansion | Student

It really depends which school etc...for instance i didn't had to wear it anytime... so that was good for me


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hardworker47 | Student

I think that uniforms are a good idea because when children are in the yard in the summer they don't wear jackets.  If someone dangerous managed to get in to their yard and cause havoc the person would be spotted because they don't have the same uniform.  I think all schools should have different uniforms so that they can be spotted more easily rather than looking for a taller person or a more menacing person.

websitetraffictips | Student

I found that, as a parent, I didn't have to worry about what the latest style was. I just bought the uniforms for my children and they knew what they were going to wear. It seems the student body behaved in a more professional manner.


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bazsmith | Student

Maybe I am old school, but we went to a public school(college) and learned to wear our uniforms with pride, Not happily at first, but we built up values that we took with us for life, Bazsmith

superman13thanikk | Student

yes they shoul even though it reduces the expression of the student as it removes the factor of a form bullying from wearing certain clothes and also prevents inappropriate clothing to be worn and makes the school look united and respectable which will cause more students to go to that school

ngyunshuen | Student

If students are allowed to wear their own clothes to school, girls especially may not dress appropriately. Wearing uniform will standardise everyone.

brianjvo | Student

It doesn't matter what you dress students in, they will always find a way to pass judgement upon their peers. If it's not based upon the style of clothes worn there are many other superficial ways to judge people and form cliques. Including:

  • hair style
  • hair colour
  • height
  • weight
  • odor (type of purfume/colone and etc.)
  • the way one walks

Granted, it will be one less distraction in class.  Low cut shirts on the girls so on.  There is no place for that in the learning environment.  I know I would have concentrated alot harder in school had it not been for things like that.



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culinaryarts | Student

I don't think you should have to wear uniforms because then you can't be your self. Though I do think there should be some rules becase not all kids dress as apropriately as they should.

flying-solo | Student

Personally as a student I love wearing my unifrom. I feel a sense of pride for my school. Its like putting on a sports jersey of your favourite team, you wear it with pride and honour. It took me a couple of years in high school to finally realise what a privilage it is.

jstone01 | Student

I think that wearing school uniforms is a good idea because that way each student gets treated the same as everyone else. Not every parent can afford designer or brand name clothes and this can often lead to the less fortunate student being treated unfairly by others or alienated by their peers.


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jasmine-luby | Student

I haven't always thought so, but as time slowly creeps toward sixth form, and thus choosing my own attire, I have come to realise that yes I do agree with wearing uniform. I feel comfortable and concealed from the critical eye of my peers when clad in my black blazer, v-neck jumper and pleated skirt. Adolescents can be extremely unforgiving when it comes to what brands you wear, what sort of home you live in and what music you listen to. For pupils at school there is no hiding where you come from when you are displaying you wealth through what you wear and own. Admittedly, even in uniform there are students with unruly hair and stained blouses who are noticeably less well off then others and although they can be taunted imagine how much worse it would be for them if they were wearing their own clothing to school. It's important that the local community can identify what school youths attend or indeed if they go to school at all, as they can appear threatening, especially to elders. I understand that some people fight against uniforms because they feel they must express themselves through their clothing, however I find this bizarre as there are many ways to express oneself; wearing a uniform can drive students into expressing themselves both academically and creatively through their work instead if their appearance.

justaquestion | Student

A student's point of view:

when i was in school i used to wish to wear what ever i chose but now in university i wish that we had a uniform to save me the trouble of matching clothes every morning and to save my eyes from what the clothes they see!

i believe that it is more organized when a school has a uniform because it is more comftorbal to see!

meganp0504 | Student

No student's shouldnt have to wear uniforms cause it ruins their since of stial... I understand not to wear bad clothes like butty shorts and all that stuff... buit really long skirts,plad shirts,knee long socks and no jewelry and white shoes and no makeup just doesnt work for me

mkmaitla | Student

I dont think students should wear uniforms. No one want their children to be like everyone else so why make them wear the same things as everyone else.

meice | Student

you may be right but during your middle and high schol years you really shouldn't wear uniforms