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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

My own view is that students should have homework, but only in some circumstances.  Let me address this from my point of view as a parent of a middle schooler and as a high school teacher.

As a parent, I dislike homework that is simply busywork.  For example, my daughter is a very good reader, but she is still required to do a certain number of minutes of reading each week and to document that reading.  She still reads a lot because that is something she loves, but she resents having to time herself.  I see little point in jeopardizing her love of reading by making her do this sort of bureaucratic recordkeeping when she is already above grade level.

As a teacher, I want to only assign homework that is meaningful and cannot simply be copied.  I teach history and the social sciences.  I typically assign only reading.  I give study guides to tell what they are supposed to know and I quiz on that.  I dislike the typical “copy the answers out of the book and hand them in” homework that some teachers give.