Should some knowledge not be sought on ethical grounds?

Though the question of whether or not some knowledge should not be sought on ethical grounds is a matter of debate, it might be argued that knowledge is valuable and should be sought out but that once discovered, it should be used carefully.

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The answer to this question depends in part on your own point of view. It also depends in part on the type of knowledge being sought and the context in which it is being sought.

One might argue that some knowledge should not be sought because it could do more harm than good to society. For example, many people are concerned about research into nuclear weapons because if the weapons fall into the wrong hands they might be used to intentionally cause harm to innocent people. Although those seeking the knowledge are not necessarily those doing unethical things with what they discover, proponents of this point of view might argue that the right thing to do would be to avoid seeking out this knowledge altogether so there is not even a chance someone could use it to do bad things.

Similarly, one might also argue that some knowledge should not be sought because it would require an invasion of people’s right to privacy. For example, many workers in the field of international development...

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