Should smoking be banned in public places? This essay should be argumentary. You do not need to make a stand. The essay can be partly that smoking should be banned and partly saying smoking should not be banned. Thanks!!!

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Smoking in public places should be banned in public places not because it is bad for smokers but for those around them. And people around smokers do not have the option to choose the part of the air that does not contain smoke, they have to breathe in the smoke. There are many other things that people do apart from smoking that are injurious to their health but the question of it being allowed to be done in public or not arises only when the person doing it forces others to bear the consequences.

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Smoking should be banned in public places for several reasons.  Second hand smoke has been shown to have negative effects on the people around the smoker who are breathing in the smoke.  Smoke also has an effect on those who already have health conditions which smoking affects such as asthma.  An asthma attack can have deadly consequences. Even with a smoking and nonsmoking section, the smoke drifts into the non-smoking section despite the best efforts of people to limit its place to only one area.

Smoking should not be banned in public places for important reasons. Individual rights should not be trampled on lightly.  Owners of bars and restaurants have in some places lost business which hurts their ability to earn a living.  If smoking is banned, should over-eating, which is also a major health problem, be banned also?  Where would the idea of a public ban end?

I hope these ideas help.

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