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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As you can imagine, there will be many different opinions out there. Currently in America, there is no smoking in indoor public areas. This is a good law in my opinion, because there are dangers of secondhand smoking. I appreciate going to a restaurant and not dealing with smoke or having to worry about my kids dealing with smoke.

To ban smoking in public altogether is another step. I would be for this step as well. It would be akin to drinking. You cannot drink in public. So, in theory I am for this, but in practice it will be hard to enforce. It seems impractical. For example, what are smokers to do when they are at work? The company would have to provide a smoking room or something like this.

In short, while banning smoking in public is a good idea in theory, in practice it will be too difficult to enforce.


mjay25 | Student

I think smoking should be banned in public. How many times have pregnant women, elderly people, children and just everyday adults been stuck behind someone smoking in the street? Many! It happens too often, and the sad thing is, the smoke that is breathed in by non-smokers if far worse and more harmful than what smokers actually breathe in themselves?!

So it becomes an issue of ethics and for the health of the majority, especially those who consciously make the decision not to smoke. It's rather unfair that those who don't smoke be harmed by those who do! It's also a very sad issue, but how many miscarriages from non-smoking pregnant women have come about due to inhaltion of passive second-hand smoke from smokers out on the street? :(

It's stated on all the packets of cigarettes how smoking causes cancer and poses numerous health risks. So, it should be up to smokers to contiue this habit where they don't harm others.

Like the above mentioned answer, however, it will be difficult to impose no smoking in public, but I believe solutions to this difficulty need to be looked at and explored.

Smokers could have a special designated area or room to smoke in, and only harm themselves, if that's what they choose. I think it's the epitome of injustice for smokers to smoke in public, and harm others who choose not to smoke, and may get affected by passive-smoke.

I think smokers also need to be made more aware of how their smoke harms others. Many smokers take a very casual attitude as they light up their cigarettes, as if without a care in the world for other human beings. What they need to realise, is that when they are out and smoking in the streets, their smoke is causing numerous health problems and worsening the health of everyone out and about and near them. Smoke, does travel quite a distance, and many times I have personally been about 10 meters away from a smoker and have had to 'hold my breath'! Holding my breath is quite unfair for me to do, and I shouldn't have to do such a thing. So, yes, smoking should be banned in public for the greater good and ethical and health reasons.