Should more money be spent on cancer treatment than on prevention and why?Try to include why so little money is spent on prevention.

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sanjeetmanna eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are four standard methods of treatment for cancer:



Radiation therapy,

Immunotherapy and

Other therapys...


Biologic therapy.

Inhibitor etc.,

All the therapy are way too expensive, The average cost of a 30 day cancer drug prescription was more than $1,600.

Prevention means The action of stopping something from happening or arising.

Prevention does not cost you anything since its just the precaution measures taken from causng cancer. Stil the cause of cancer is unknown but still prevention is better than cure.

For example :- price of a pack of cigarettes is around $3.25-$9.00 if we smoke one every day then for 30 days the expence will be $97.5-$270. Cigarettes is one of the main cause for cancer and if we quit smoking it will not cost you to quit, indeed it will save the expence of Cigarettes and also risk for cancer and if no cancer it will also save the treatment cost.

So prevention doesn't cost you anything rather it save your money, but treatment cost you a lot.

Prevention is better than cure(treatment).

bandmanjoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The probable reason less money is spent on prevention of cancer is there is more faith in being able to defeat cancer as a sickness and/or disease than there is in preventing it in the first place.  Cancer is still somewhat an enigma as to what causes it.  There are some things we can point our finger at and say definitively, "That causes cancer".  Radiation poisioning will give you cancer.  Cigarette smoking will give you cancer.  Having a high occurence rate of cancer in your family makes you more predisposed to having cancer.  But there are many types of cancer, and understanding the key to what causes them all is still a subject of debate.  I just saw on the news this morning a snippet that having one to two cups of coffee per day will decrease your risk of cancer.  But then the same program went on to say excessive use of coffee, say four to five cups per day increased your likelihood of having cancer.  So I think there is more emphasis on how to deal with the problem of cancer, should it develop, simply because we still don't have a grip on all the factors that cause cancer.

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