Should Mexico’s government take full responsibility for what goes on within its own borders with relationship to drugs, guns, and killings?

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Mexico's government needs to take more responsibility for its problems with drugs, guns, and murders. However, it is not likely to succeed without international—especially American—assistance. Even with foreign assistance, the myriad problems afflicting the nation are daunting.

Mexico's problem with drug-related violence has existed for many years. In 2006, President Felipe Calderon was sworn in after promising to rein in the drug cartels. His strategies to ameliorate the situation failed.

One extremely serious problem in Mexico is impunity. Criminals are rarely caught and punished, and these criminals include the perpetrators of narcoterrorism. A closely related problem is corruption. Bribery is endemic in Mexico, and that graft hinders efforts against drug cartels.

Economic inequality also impedes efforts to stop drug-related violence. Mexico should raise its minimum wage and implement more progressive taxation policies to close the wide gap between the affluent few and impoverished many. Sadly, the drug trade offers many young men their only chance to escape poverty.

Reporters Without Borders describes Mexico as one of the world's most dangerous for freedom of the press. Journalists are routinely killed, and the lack of a truly free press obscures the severity and scope of the nation's problems.

Mexico needs foreign assistance to overcome its problems. However, Mexico has historical reasons to distrust Americans and it zealously safeguards its sovereignty. American efforts to help Mexico have often been counterproductive. During the presidency of Barack Obama, the infamous Fast and Furious operation resulted in the transfer of American weapons to Mexican criminals. Now, President Donald Trump is not really interested in Mexico's internal problems. Moreover, Americans consume the illegal drugs provided by the cartels.

Unfortunately, it seems very unlikely that Mexico will be able to solve its many problems anytime soon.

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