Should mental health be part of rountine wellness visits? Why or why not?should mental health be part of routine wellness visits and why or why not

Expert Answers
mlsiasebs eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This can be viewed from two different perspectives. There are several factors that would support the inclusion of mental health as part of routine wellness care

1. Mental health affects our physical health so mental health issues should be treated as we would treat physcial ailments.

2. Patients are more likely to see their primary care doctor rather than a mental health professional so physicians might notice changes in their patient sooner and some patients are unlikely to seek out the help of a mental health professional without prompting from their physician.

On the con side,

1. Physicians are often overworked and may not have sufficient time to screen patients for mental health problems.

2. Not all physicians are adequately trained to assess mental health issues.  If they missed something during a routine exam, it could result in malpractice cases for failure to diagnose and/or treat the mental health problem.