What can I say in a presentation about recycling in Japan?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

From an American point of view, at least, the most interesting thing about recycling in Japan is the fact that it is so prevalent and that it is quite strictly monitored by the government and/or by civilian volunteers.

In Japan, recycling tends to be mandatory and complicated.  The country has so little space for landfills that the government wants to reduce trash as much as possible.  Therefore, it requires recycling and it requires garbage to be separated out into a huge number of different categories.  In a presentation, I would talk about this fact.  I would also try to find statistics about how much of their trash the Japanese are able to recycle.  Depending on what class this is for, I would perhaps talk about the costs of recycling compared to the costs of disposing of trash in other ways.

So, my main topics for this would be:

  • How widespread recycling is.
  • How the Japanese are willing to sort their garbage into many categories.
  • How much they have managed to recycle.
  • What it costs them to do so.

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