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Should knowledge of Byron's private behavior, beliefs, and supposed immorality affect opinions about and readings of his work?

Lord Byron created a notorious persona which was partly the result of his private life and partly to be found in his poetry. Unless you exclude all autobiography on principle, this persona is relevant to understanding his work, particularly as he employs it in the first-person narration of such works as Don Juan.

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The general point about whether an artist’s life should influence appreciation of their work is often debated. There are essentially three answers: yes, no, and sometimes. Only the third of these need concern us here. If you take a general line that the artist’s private life and beliefs should affect our view of the art or that they never should, then presumably that answer will apply on principle to Byron, as it applies to every other artist.

If, however, you believe that the artist’s life is sometimes relevant, what case can be made for Byron? One point is that the Byronic hero is an instantly recognizable...

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