should julius ceasar have crossed the rubicon

selflessshock | Student

In my opinion, yes.  


Crossing the Rubicon with his legion meant committing a crime against Rome, and he was essentially declaring war on the Republic.  But what were the options?  He could be stripped of his command and dishonored (thanks to his political feud with Pompey), or he could declare war on Pompey and Rome by bringing his men into Rome.

The die was cast.  Caesar declared war on Rome by crossing the Rubicon, yet his approval rating skyrocketed.  Roman citizens believed Caesar a hero, especially after his conquest in Gaul.  While Caesar only had the one legion, the Senate backed Pompey.  Unfortunately, Pompey retreated, displaying an immense sign of weakness.  And as we know, Caesar eventually won the Roman Civil War and was crowned dictator.

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