Should incentives be in place to reward employees for consecutive days without a work-related accident?  Why or why not?

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There should be incentives in place to reward employees for consecutive days without a work-related accident in any industry in which accidents are an important hazard.  This is because such incentives are likely to result in a safer workplace.  A safer workplace is better for the workers and it is more profitable.

In an industry in which accidents are a serious problem, a firm will want to do everything it can to encourage safety.  Accidents hurt a firm in many ways.  They detract from productivity as work stops so that the injured person can be tended to.  They can result in lawsuits and workers’ compensation claims.  They can cause insurance rates to rise.  None of this is good for the company. 

Therefore, it is a good idea to have incentives based on accident-free days.  These incentives are a way to promote safety that will build morale and will meet with employee approval.  They will make safety into something that will seem more like fun (at least in some ways) and less like just another hoop that workers have to jump through. 

Thus, such incentives are a relatively enjoyable way (from workers’ perspectives) for a company to do something that is in its best interests anyway.

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