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Should the Hijab be banned in schools, public buildings or society in general

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This depends, in my opinion, on what you mean when you say “hijab.”  If we are talking about head scarves, then it should absolutely not be banned anywhere.  If, by contrast, we are talking about a burqa or niqab, there is much more reason to ban such clothing.

All people should have freedom of religion unless there is a very compelling reason to take it away from them.  There is no compelling reason to prevent women from wearing head scarves.  Some might say that it leads to the “Islamization” of a society, but the way to prevent this is through speech and persuasion, not through banning the head scarves.

However, in the case of the burqa or the niqab, there are legitimate reasons for bans.  There are many places, for example, which ban people from wearing masks in public.  The reason for this is that a masked person can more easily commit crimes without being identified.  It is a legitimate concern that people wearing such complete coverings could commit crimes and witnesses would not even know if they were male or female. 

Thus, I would be willing to consider banning the niqab and burqa, but not the head scarves that are usually what we think of when we hear “hijab.”

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