Should employees be allowed to use their computers and internet access for personal tasks (such as checking personal email or accessing Facebook)?

The question of whether employees should be allowed to use their computers and internet access for personal tasks has no definitive answer. On one hand, when companies allow workers to use computers and internet access for personal tasks, that shows that the company trusts their workers. This autonomy can lead workers to feel more loyal to their companies. On the other hand, doing personal tasks during work hours can result in decreased productivity.

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This is such a highly debated topic. I have to lean toward typical company policy on this debate, and here's why:

A company is paying you to perform a job and to do it well during your work hours. You are being tasked with being productive for the company during that time for which you are receiving compensation. While some people may use work computers to quickly check personal email, others will find themselves wasting hours of work time with a great reduction in potential productivity. This means that, ultimately, the company is paying you to surf the web or scroll social media sites. That's not fair to the company, and it's not fair to coworkers, who often have to absorb that loss of productivity by doing more themselves to make sure the company's goals are accomplished.

Employees who use work computers to stream things online (think of the cute cat videos) or download large files can really slow down bandwidth for everyone, resulting in a loss of productivity across the board.


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