Should consumers buy goods from countries or producers that use child labor?

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This question is strictly an opinion question. An argument could be made for either side of the issue. Those who would say we should boycott buying products from countries or producers who use child labor are appealing to the moral and emotional side of the issue. Most people believe children should not be working long hours for low pay. They believe children should be in school getting an education in order to help themselves make a better life in the future. Without an education, it is hard to accomplish this. They also may say that child labor may harm the development of the child.

Those who would be opposed to boycotting buying products from these countries or producers would say that using child labor helps to keep the cost of the product lower. This gives these countries or producers an advantage over other countries or producers who have to pay higher wages and then charge higher prices. The goal of a business is to keep expenses low in order to maximize profit. With higher expenses come higher prices, putting that producer at a disadvantage. Some people would also say that any money a child earns may be helpful to a family that is struggling economically.

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