Should the Constitution be amended to give voters the power to enact or reject laws by ballot initiative, as a direct method in addition to the legislative authority of Congress? 

Expert Answers
Jessica Pope eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I believe the Constitution should give voters the right to enact legislation through the ballot. In my judgment, the Constitution is a document and set of guiding principles meant to evolve and change over time. While the text does not currently embody the principle of direct democracy, it is clear from American social history that direct participatory democracy has become a critical aspect of social and legislative change. In particular, ballot initiatives have resulted in unique, sometimes radical legislation at the state level. A number of progressive initiatives concerning gay marriage, family planning, and the decriminalization of marijuiana have passed at the state level. This has resulted in broad conversation at the national level. United States citizens have been using the direct ballot for decades as part of their political voice and the U.S. Constitution, as a reflection for the voice of the people, should acknowledge that reality.