Should company culture stress the need for diversity?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A firm’s corporate culture should stress working well with diversity in the workplace.  However, one point of view says it should not stress getting that diversity to happen in the first place.  These are two very different things.

This point of view says a company must be very careful about stressing diversity for its own sake.  Except in a few unusual circumstances, firms need good workers more than they need workers from certain demographic groups.  If a firm stresses getting a diverse workforce over other considerations, it may end up with a workforce that is diverse, but which is not as talented as it might otherwise be.  Firms should hire the most qualified person, regardless of demographic status.

If the firm hires the best applicant for each job, it will likely end up with a diverse workforce.  In that case, it is very important for firms to stress the ability to get along with a diversity of coworkers.  A firm that cannot get its employees to work well together is a firm that will have low productivity and low morale.

In this point of view, firms should not, then, simply stress diversity.  Instead, they should stress hiring the best possible workforce and then they should strive to have a corporate culture that is inclusive and makes all employees feel welcomed and valued.