Should Bella should become a vampire or stay human? Provide detailed reasons for your answer.Should Bella should become a vampire or stay human? Provide detailed reasons for your answer.

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Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Bella should absolutely stay a human!  Here are the reasons:  1.  It would be almost impossible to sustain the mental anguish!  (Wasn't this one of the quandaries in Interview with a Vampire as well?)  Ironically, I am basing my answer on an author from long ago:  Jonathan Swift.  Within his Gulliver's Travels, he wrote about a wretched "gift" some of the characters were given of immortality on earth.  Ironically for Gulliver (who originally thinks this is a wonderful thing), the "gift" turns out to be more the inability to die.  Swift points out that these people see their loved ones grow old and die, . . . including their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc.  Meanwhile all of their teeth and hair fall out as they shrivel up like raisins.  While the physical aspect of this might be grotesque, the mental aspect of the mortality of loved ones is far greater agony.  Edward is not the only one in Bella's life.  She loves others as well (such as her entire family).  And if the love of Bella for Edward is a high school fling, what of that?!?  Bella: stuck in eternity, craving blood, and stuck with a vampire she doesn't love anymore.  Yuck!  You know what?  I think Edward understands this, and being as well-read as he is, I am sure he has come across Swift's irony.  2.  She should take Edward's advice!!!  The guy has lived numerous lifetimes now, . . . sufficed to say that he has gained a little wisdom.  3.  This is a selfish reason, but wouldn't it be wonderful to have an amazing young man in love with you when you were sixty?!?  Considering the double standard in our society on that subject, I would think women would welcome a bit of friskiness at that age.  Heck, Edward would even be there, waiting on Bella hand and foot as she died!  Awesome!  4.  In reality, the Bellas of the world don't have to worry about it at all because vampires are fictional.  (I thought I'd save my cop-out answer for last.)  ; )

slchanmo1885 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As Ms.Charleston (post # 5) pointed out, there are many books dealing with this question. I would like to add "Tuck Everlasting" to that list -- in that book, the Tuck family is immortal, and a young girl, Winnie Foster, gets to choose whether or not to become immortal or live a natural life. It is evident that the Tucks suffer from their immortality, having to remain unchanging while the world around them moves on. I think this idea is very important to consider when looking at "Twilight" -- if you read further into the series, Rosalie is dead set against Bella turning into a vampire because of what she would lose. Rosalie regrets not having certain life experiences that she would have had had she stayed human. However, Bella's situation is more complicated than all that -- does she give up a changing, natural life in order to be with the one person she loves most? Or does she live a normal life, going to college, growing older, having children, etc, but live without the one person who makes it all worth it for her? If you read the complete series, Meyer has a way of working things out so that sacrifices are minimal. Personally, I would never choose to be immortal. But then again, my soulmate is human! I think the series is more love story than philosophy. This is a great question, though, and I'm glad you're exploring it!

Susan Hurn eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A poet wrote, "Grow old with me. The best is yet to be." But Bella couldn't grow old with Edward since he would always be seventeen. Being a mortal, she would age and then die, leaving him behind and alone without her. If you accept the novel's premise that Bella and Edward share an immortal love, then she has no real choice. She must become a vampire because losing the life they have together and then losing him completely is too painful to even consider, much less allow to happen. In giving up her human life, Bella would give up the joys of a human existence, but she also would avoid its less-than-joyful realities. In becoming a vampire, she would live a complicated life, but she would also enjoy its advantages. Human or vampire, whatever choice Bella would make, she would have to give up to get. She should make the choice that gives her what she values most: Edward.

lhc eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Once Bella and Edward begin dating, she wastes no time in beginning to pressure him to turn her into a vampire, especially after she has a dream in which she realizes she has aged and he hasn't.  Edward is reluctant to do this, however, because he knows what Bella will be giving up--immortality is not all that it's cracked up to be.  While Bella sees immortality as being the only way to be with Edward forever, as well as preserve her own youth so she doesn't someday become an older woman dating someone young enough to be her grandson, Edward sees this as taking many human experiences away from her.  Once Bella becomes a vampire, the typical American life she is used to will be gone forever. 

drmonica eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If I were Bella, I would become a vampire so that I could spend eternity with Edward, regardless of the drawbacks. The Cullen family has developed means for coping with the need to hunt and consume blood, as well as how to assimilate into human society. The physical pain and anguish of becoming a vampire would be miniscule compared to the agony of aging alongside an eternal teen-ager, knowing that eventually you will die and leave him. (This argument intentionally omits the ramifications of religion.)

ako6777 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I am a romantic at heart.  I think that Bella should become a vampire.  Edward and his family love her as much as she loves him. It would tear Edward apart if he had to watch Bella grow old and die.  It would tear Bella apart if she had to grow old and watch Edward stay young.  The perfect fix, is for her to become a vampire.

crystaltu001 | Student

She should be a vampire so she could be with Edward. She finally found someone she loves and so did Edward so she should become a vampire so her and Edward and be together for a very very long time.

zumba96 | Student

I think Bella should stay human because once she knows that Edward is a vampire she spends all her time trying to make him turn her into a vampire. Although she has some very interesting powers when she is a vampire I feel like there are some great human experiences she could have had if she only waited to become a vampire. She can't sleep, eat, go in the sun, etc. 

udonbutterfly | Student

For me Bella should've stayed human. Even though I see her as a great vampire. Now that she is a vampire it sort of inhibits any human activities that should could do with Renesmee like play at the beach with the sun blazing or just enjoy a sunny day. Now she doesn't even have the ability to sleep anymore she is forever restless. And what I noticed a lot in the Twilight series is that Bella's dreams really helped her figure herself out now she's by all by herself.

hicks1ce | Student

Bella should be a vampire. She would be with the one she loves and stay young!

bbrearae | Student

Well ever sence Edward and Bella has been dating she has always wanted to become a vampire. In the second book(and movie) she has asked Edward to turn her into a vampire. She also asked his (vampire) family and most of them agreed. So if i could choose if she would be turned into a vampire I would say no. The reason is because I HATE her gutes and also is because I am reading the 3rd book of the Twilight Saga and there is someone after Bella so, now I want who ever is trying to get her i want her to get her and rip her to shredes!!! WHAAHAA!!!! If anyone disagrees I dont care!!!.

twilight-obsessed | Student

I think she should have became a vampire so she could live and wouldnt she turn old and die cause vampires age slowly.Edward was worth it to her.This is true love,and truly my favorite book.

kellie96 | Student

i think bella should turn into a vampire.i think this because if she is a vampire she wont get hunted!

xxalannahxx | Student

I Think That She Should Be A Vampire!. As Soon As Her And Edward Starts To Date She Starts To Pressurize Him Into Changing Her. And Once She Becomes A Vampire She Gets To Spend The Rest Of Eternity With Edward Which Is What She Wants



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