Should all teachers, including special area teachers, be involved in curriculum evaluation, or just the subject area teachers of the program being evaluated? Why or why not?

In curriculum evaluation, one might argue that all teachers should be involved. While expertise in a particular subject is a key component in the evaluation process, every school system has many more stakeholders than just the subject area teachers.

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Curriculum evaluation in a school system is a complex process that involves numerous, varied stakeholders. When evaluating particular courses within a curriculum, the involvement of subject experts is crucial.

However, each course also fits within the overall curriculum in multiple ways. To develop a curriculum that is most likely to provide the maximum educational benefit for all students, the needs of the varied stakeholders, including teachers of other subjects, also need to be considered.

Within the multiple phases of curriculum evaluation, some aspects address the learning objectives and student outcomes in relationship to content for a given subject. The learning objectives for each specific course should also be aligned with those established for the disciplinary area. The integration of content and objectives can be accomplished by incorporating the perspectives of experts in different components. For example, as a given mathematics class fits within the broader STEM category, the mathematics curriculum should incorporate skills and knowledge that will support students’ understanding and application of math, such as textual analysis.

In addition, the diversity of the student population must also be considered, so specialists in different aspects of education should also contribute to curriculum development and evaluation. Relevant fields include second-language education and learning disabilities.

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