Should all teachers including special area teachers (art, music, PE, speech, etc....) be involved in curriculum evaluation or just the subject area teachers of the program being evaluated?

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This question is a little vague on exactly what we are looking for. If we are talking about a curriculum adoption cycle, then yes, a school should at the very least confer with special teachers such as fine arts, practical arts, and industrial education educators. This would be especially true if we are talking about elementary schools, where it is important to take a holistic approach to students' education. It has been my experience in public education (fifteen plus years) that these professionals have a lot to offer and that many schools miss important growth opportunities in their curricular planning. Naturally, if we are talking about textbook adoptions, then the primary focus will be on the staff in question, as they will be the ones using the textbooks day in and day out. I've found that we, as education professionals, tend to shut ourselves off in our own rooms and cut off from our colleagues. However, if our students are meant to work alongside multiple teachers and embrace multiple viewpoints, then should we not be doing the same?

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