Should all people take an aspirin everyday to prevent heart attack?

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Aspirin or ASA inhibits platelets from forming and adhering to the inside layer (lumen) of blood vessels. Platelets or thrombocytes form clots in the cardiovascular system. For some people, daily aspirin therapy is recommended to help prevent the clots (thrombi) from forming in the blood vessels. This is of course, after they talk with their doctor about their unique risk factors for heart disease.

Because of different medical histories and various conditions that one may have, aspirin therapy is contraindicated in some people. Additionally, chronic aspirin therapy will lead to gastrointestinal bleeding in some individuals.

No, all people should not take aspirin. Only start taking a new medication after speaking with your doctor. It may or may not be indicated. Further, it may cause more harm than good.

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Aspirin role with reference to heart ailments is prevention of formation of new blood clots, reduction of pain and inflammation due to heart disease, reduction in the risk of death due to heart disease.

But this does not mean that everyone should take aspirin to fight heart attacks. It should only be taken under the supervision of a cardiologist who is aware of the state of the patient’s heart and feels that aspirin may lead to some benefits.

Misuse of aspirin can increase the risk of ulcers in the stomach and abdominal bleeding. During a stroke there may also be an increased risk of bleeding in the brain.

Therefore do not take aspirin as a panacea for heart ailment just because it is available over the counter.

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Most certainly taking aspirin every day to prevent heart attack or for any other reason is not recommended or even desirable for most of the persons.

To begin with any medicine to prevent heart attacks should be taken only by patients with established risk of heart attacks. Second, it is not advisable for any patients with serious heart problems to take self-medication without proper medical advice and supervision.

Aspirin is definitely one of the medicines which may be taken to prevent heart attacks under certain condition. But most certainly it is not the only option. Further. it is also not the best option in most of cases.