Should abortion be restricted?What evidence and sources can you give?

Expert Answers
alexb2 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I believe that virtually everyone on both sides of the debate in the United States believe that there should be some restrictions placed on abortion. The main restrictions on abortion are related to when during a pregnancy the abortion can be performed, and if the fetus is the product of rape or incest.

If you look at this page: , which summarizes abortion laws worldwide, you can see that there are numerous restrictions on abortion worldwide.

So I think the answer to your question is that all but the most extreme positions agree that abortion should be restricted.

amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I used to believe that women should have a choice in this matter.  That was before I had my own children and also before I witnessed the effects an abortion had on a good friend of mine in high school.  I risk angering many when I say that NO ONE should become pregnant who doesn't want to be a mother.  Precautions should be taken to prevent pregnancy if one is going to engage in the activity which causes pregnancy.  If everyone were responsible, then abortions and the debate that stems from it would be obsolete with the exception of rape or incest.  I know in my heart that I would not be able to live with myself if I were to have an is murder, plain and simple.


linda-allen eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You've asked a tremendously controversial question that has been the cause of many arguments. Everyone has an opinion about abortion and its legal and moral aspects. I can only give you my opinion and not presume to speak for anyone but myself. I believe that in every abortion a human being dies. Does that mean that all abortions should be banned? Not necessarily. In rare cases a baby will be so deformed that it cannot live outside the womb. In thoses cases, I think it is cruel to both the parents and the baby to let it be born only to die. I can't think of any other case that would justify abortion, not even rape or incest or inconvenience.

alohaspirit eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I believe that abortion should be the decision a woman makes with her doctor, and we have that right to privacy based on the Bill of Rights.  Abortion can have restrictions such as not being able to terminate a preganancy after the third trimester.  But if we were to take away this right that women have, it would become a dangerous situation. Many women in desperation would get illegal abortions that could be very dangerous and possibly injure or kill the mother.

kwoo1213 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I do not believe abortion should be restricted.  It has always been my belief that the government should never be able to tell a woman what she must do with her body (or what she must not do).  This is a very controversial topic that evokes very strong feelings for many people, so I am sure you will get lots of opinions about your question.  

crystaltu001 | Student

I think abortion should be restricted unless it is for certain reasons. some reasons that abortion should be used is that is someone gets raped and it wasn't their fault that they have a baby. But in other cases abortion should be restricted because it is a cruel and sad thing.

atyourservice | Student

I used to believe abortion should have been restricted and only allowed in special cases such as rape. As time went on I shaped another opinion. I believe if a woman wants to have an abortion she should have the rights to get it. I know some people would misuse it, but abortion has a deep effect on those who get it both physically and emotionally therefore it might lower the chance of a first timer getting it done again. Plus banning abortion won't stop a person who really doesn't want a child, it has been proven that when abortions were illegal people would go as far as take poison and use clothes hanger to get rid of pregnancies therefore endangering their lives. I would prefer a safer route to be open for those willing to go to extremes.

ourlittlesecret | Student

Lookng At It From Both Points Of views. sometimes abortion can be good. would you like to bring a child into a world where you caan provide for it? Or olook after it when you can barley look after yourself. But you could also look at it from the point of view that your killing a human being ? If you didnt want a child you should have been safe1 It's rather your own fault and you have deal with the consequence.however which ever way you deal with shouldnt be judged by others.

mrstyler | Student

I firmly believe it should be much more difficult for an abortion to take place.  In many states it is far too easy to use abortion as a birth control method.  Abortion ends the life of a unique and seperate being.  Ending a baby's life in the name of convenience and woman's rights is absolutely selfish.   

marlon07 | Student

In my opinion the mother AND the father should have the ability to decide if they would like to have the baby or not(together)! the reson for this point of view is that me and my girlfriend went through this dilemma and its nothing easy. it should definately be legal and free to under aged females. the reason for this critical point of view is that i hate to see a 30 hour old baby be left in trash cans or in bushes behind churches like the 2 recent cases in Miami. its better to not have the baby than to have it go through the hardship of not knowing who his or her parents are if its put up to adoption, or wonder why the mother and or father left it in a garbage can. ladies and gentlemen we cannot say that we are doing something bad to an embryo (or baby if you will) because we dont know what is beyond life, we dont know what is beyond death. something bad or something good? scientifically we dont know, its all opened to interpretation. 

muhammadasif | Student

i personnely think that abortion should be restricted.i mean when u go for abortion it means u r going to kill one baby.why are you killng that innocent who hasnot seen anything.if you dont want a baby you should care but when u become pregnent dont go for abortion.Let her or him come.

bgl5704 | Student

Abortion should be restricted but not banned. There are certain circumstances that require abortion. For example: What should one do if they were raped and thats the reason they became pregnant? There is no moral way that we will force the rape victim to carry the child that she never wanted. It would be moral wrong. However if abortion is not restricted then people would use that as an excuse to have unprotected sex. The phrase "oh, we can just have an abortion." would become a trend. But people do deserve a choice when it comes to abortion, but that choice has to be reasonable.