In the short story Virgins, is Erica peer pressured to have sex by Jasmine?

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In the story, Erica had sex with Michael’s older brother, Ron, after he coaxed her. To that end, her decision to have sex was not influenced by Jasmine but more so prompted by Ron.

The girls had gone out at night and gained access into nightclubs using fake I.D.s, pretending to be college girls. Jasmine was trying to get back at her previous boyfriend, who had recently dumped her for another girl. At the club, they entertained older men’s advances by accepting their drinks. Jasmine and Erica finally left the club in the company of four men, who offered the girls a ride to their apartment. On arrival at the apartment, Erica grew anxious and managed to escape. Erica called Michael who asked his older brother to save Erica, as she was stranded in the city. Jasmine was left behind at the apartment in the company of the four men. That night Erica slept at Michael’s place but ended up having sex with Ron.

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