In the short story \"The Most Dangerous Game\" why does General Zaroff consider it necessary to increase the conflict in his hunts?HELP :]

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Zaroff has become jaded even in his hunting of men. For,too many have been so easily caught that the enjoyment has left this, his final "game." So, he allows Rainsford chances to win, thus prolonging the conflict.

But, in this extenuation of the "dangerous game," Zaroff has unwittingly exhibited a weakness, or flaw: He has given his prey a chance. This weakness is, of course, Zaroff's undoing as Rainsford is able to defeat the general and, thus, win the game.

Therefore, through his increasing of the conflict, Zaroff has unwittingly displayed a weakness that ends up being his demise.

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to make his hunt more harder because he has grown bored with hunting that is why he makes conflit to make it more satisfing to him the general

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