Is the short story "The Lottery" an interpretive fiction ?

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To determine whether or not “The Lottery” is interpretive fiction you must ask yourself, does this story’s theme challenge our beliefs and provide somber truths?   A reader need not accept a theme that is contrary to his or her personal beliefs. However, any theme is worthy of consideration in that it is someone's view. Does this story have a meaningful realistic plot, conflict, setting and characters? Some critics believe it is a parable and "the shocking ending prompts readers to think about the moral implications of the lottery and how such issues relate to society as a whole."  I this is the way you view the story then the answer to your question would be yes. 

I have always thought of “The Lottery” as more of a speculative fiction, as in "what if this really happened."  What would I do?  How would I handle dealing with this tradition?  The theme of this story is a community which refuses to let go of tradition, no matter how terrible that tradition is and the “Lottery” is performed as commonplace as any other activity in the town.  It is accepted as readily as the yearly prom, an election, or any other annual occurrence.

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