In the short story "Harrison Bergeron," given the nature of the society, could someone like Harrison have succeeded in rebelling?

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Great question. I think that the character of Harrison Bergeron would be perfectly able to lead a successful rebellion agianst the society depicted in this story if he were to use different methods. The problem with Harrison Bergeron is not that he is deficient in any of the characteristics necessary to launch a successful uprising, but that he chooses to make a stand on public television in a way that makes it easy for Diana Moon Glampers to end his rebellion almost as soon as it is started.

From what we are told about Harrison Bergeron, we can see that he is incredibly intelligent, he is attractive and very charismatic. Note the way that when he bursts into the television studio, he easily compels others to obey him and to join him in his revolt. This leads me to infer that if he had been more subtle and cautious about his rebellion, working slowly to set up a rebel movement, he could have successfully overthrown the regime. However, his desire to act alone and in a public way makes his rebellion worthless and easily controlled, as Diana Moon Glampers shows.


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