in the short story "going places" by A.R.Barton. describe how sophie lived in a world of fantasy.

jaderoks | Student

Sophie was a very aspiring and ambitious girl.She always keeps on dreaming about the things which are beyond her means.Jansie was sophie's friend with whom she was very close.Sophie shares her fantasieswith her that she will have a boutique , become a fashion designer and lastly an actress.but her friend reminds that she will not be able to afford to her dreams.Geoff,sophie's brother was just the oppositehe was very [practical.sophie was a great fan of danny casey she went to a match were he was also there.jansie told her not to over react . this gave a big blow to sophie.then one day she was wandering near a canal and thinking that danny casey would come and shake hands with her,but this never happened.Even after she got such big blows,she never made her out of fantasies and always kept on dreaming as always.