In the short story The First Seven Years, where is Max going as he trudges through the snowdrifts past Feld's shop? About what does Feld speak privately to Max? 

Expert Answers
teachsuccess eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the story, Max is on his way to class as he trudges through the snowdrifts past Feld's shop. Feld admires Max greatly because of Max's commitment to his college education. As the father of a grown daughter, Feld has often lamented his daughter's reluctance to attend college.

So, when Max appears in Feld's shop to inquire about repairing his old shoes, Feld seizes the opportunity to bring a cherished plan to action. He reasons to himself that his daughter, Miriam, might as well marry an educated man even if she will not go to college herself. He thinks that such a marriage would mean a better life for Miriam than the one she currently has. So, after discussing the business of Max's old shoes, Feld ushers Max into the hall for a private word. As Feld's assistant, Sobel, pounds away, Feld broaches the subject of Max dating Miriam. Max is initially surprised at the older man's request but soon asks to see a picture of Miriam. Upon seeing her picture, he pronounces that Miriam looks 'all right,' not exactly a very enthusiastic response.

However, Feld is ecstatic that Max has consented to meet Miriam; he gives Max their telephone number and advises Max to call when Miriam gets home from work at six o'clock. Elated at his success, Feld even charges Max a dollar fifty for a job which usually costs two dollars and twenty-five cents. However, as the story continues, we soon see that Feld does not bargain for his young assistant's real feelings towards his daughter.