In a short paragraph, explain why Mr Austin in "The Chaser" is visiting this strange place.

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Mr. Austin is visiting the shop because he has heard that the proprietor sells love potions. Austin is desperate. He is madly in love with a beautiful young woman, but she does not love him. His sole purpose at this point if to induce her to fall in love with him. Such a shop obviously only exists in a fantasy world. The story is more allegorical than realistic. In other words, it is not to be taken to seriously as a story, but it probably should be taken very seriously as an allegory. Naturally this weird shop has a weird proprietor. He is an old man who has been dealing in such magic potions for many years, and he has acquired a great deal of knowledge about love and lovers. Although this is Austin's first visit to the shop and the young lover believes it will be his only visit, the old man knows he will be back for "the chaser" when he finds that the potion has worked only too well.


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