How would I progress with a short essay on the love of music?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As with any essay, it is going to fall on your shoulders to have to compose it.  I do believe that there are some elements that you can pursue in establishing a very strong essay on the topic of one's love of music.  Prior to any insight given here, I would check your requirements to see if there are any elements that must be included. Those need to be included first in your essay.

One approach to analyze the individual's love of music would be to examine it from a scientific point of view.  There have been different studies in the scientific community that help to explain why individuals hold an affinity towards music.  Several of these studies suggest that "when focusing on harmony in a piece, a subject experiences increased activity in the right temporal lobe's auditory areas."  This greater activity in the brain helps to develop a penchant towards music.  Thus, part of our love for music is neurological.  Taking a scientific approach to why human beings love music might give a level of depth and insight into your essay.

I think that a part of this might also be personal.  If you have a particular love of music, I think that being able to explore this in the opening of your essay might be quite worthwhile.  If you have a love of music or know someone that does, it might be a solid opening for you to delve into what personal associations you or someone else who does has with music.  Being able to personalize the essay on this level can provide the basic introduction that can suggest how the love of music can develop within an individual.

Finally, I think that being able to talk about how music is a generational connection might help to explain why there is a love for music.  For example, when a parent loves The Beatles is able to see their own child exhibit that same love for The Beatles, it creates a generational understanding.  Music becomes a common language that different generations can share.  It helps to trigger a sense of nostalgia within the adult and a sense of wonderment within the child.  I think that this can represent another aspect of how there can be a love of music.  These paths can help to develop a short essay on a topic that should feature a great deal of connection and applicability.

rachellopez | Student

There are a lot of points you can make in an essay about such a broad topic, however, you will need an intro (including a thesis statement), at least 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. 

I think a bit of background info about the "beginning" of music and how it has changed through time would be a good place to start. This could be your introduction or the hook that gets the reader interested.

People love music for many reasons; for example, people can connect to the lyrics, the beat gets them energetic, or it can be relaxing, etc. A paragraph about how people in general can connect to music should be included.

You should also include your own opinion or a friend's to make the essay more personal. Tell how music makes you feel or how it betters your life. Really, you have so many options, all you need is good support for your topics. 

thewanderlust878 | Student

The good, and bad, part about having the topic for an essay be "the love of music" is that there is a wide variety of topics that you could talk about. You could approach it from your point of view, describing your love for music, or any of these ways as well (and of course there are many other ways you could approach this too!)

  • someone you know and their love for music (a friend, family member, etc)
  • how music has influenced you and how it has impacted your life
  • if you grew up listening to music in general or a certain type of music, you could describe that
  • how an artist's love for music influenced them to produce the type of music they create
chrisyhsun | Student

How would I progress with a short essay on the love of music?

Love of music is a really personal feeling and experience, so perhaps the best way to express this idea in a short essay is by describing your own experiences with it, answering the primary question of "Why do you love it?" A couple ways I can think of in terms of how to answer this question are:

  • Music in terms of a person: Maybe this one person in your life introduced you to a particular genre of music and through that, the two of you have become closer and made lots of memories together. In that way, your love of music stems in part from your attachment to that person
  • A piece's impact on you: Whether you are a performer or a listener, music has the power to impact you emotionally. Is there a piece that you specifically connect with that made you start to love music?