shooting an elephant and today's political stage I'm thinking of comparing orwell to the government, the mob of natives to us, the American citizens, and the elephant to corporations and financial institutions. Can you offer advice on how to flesh out my idea? Is it too far fetched?

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I agree with the previous post when it says you need specifics.  Right now, there is more of a feeling in the US that the government favors big corporations instead of the people.  So you're going to need to find some instance of the government actually going after a company for no good reason other thant that the "mob" wants them to.

As I type this, I wonder if the Keystone pipeline thing would work for you in this regard.

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I don't think it is far-fetched, since you can use anything as a metaphor. However, you probably need a specific situation in mind.  I think you have one, based on what you tell us.  You need to explain it more. Is the government targeting corporations? Are we, the people, encouraging the government to do so?

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