'shooting an elephant' reveals traces of orwell's character and personality.discuss.'shooting an elephant' reveals traces of orwell's character and personality.discuss.  

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orwell wins the sympathy of people by showing the preasure he feels as an Anglo-Indian in Burma and showing a sense of compassion to the dying animal.

he compares the elephant to the huge Brithish Empire, just as the elephant loses control .He feels that when the white man turns into a tyrant he destroys his own freedom and loses control too.

the British officer sumbolize the imerial country and the elephant sumbolizes the victims of the impire. Orwell reflected his hatred to imperialism and totalitarianism ,unlike many others he wasn't happy with what his country was leading. He looked at the matter from a fair point of view which was that the British didn't have the right to take what doesn't belong to her, and there were those who felt proud for this. we see his pessimism towards the future in his novel 1984 towards the missuse of technology and the imperialist movement which was forced or strengthened by the industrial revolution and the eagerness of leading the world regardless of humanity. Orwell shoots the elephant for the sake of holding up the white man's image. one can see and understand orwell's argument about imperialism by seeing the mistake of shooting the elephant. he doesn't shoot for the reason of satisfaction.orwell focuses on the suffering that the imperialism cause for both sides or parties.if the shooting was justified the urgument would have been weakened 

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